Seed Bangla Foundation

Seed Bangla Foundation is a humanitarian and development organization working for the destitute and poor peoples of the country. It was formed by some dedicated enthusiastic along with some local committed social worker targeting to develop the socio-economic status of landless, marginal peasants, destitute men and women and children and to create awareness on socio-economic situation, development of human resources, create job opportunity in the field of agriculture, handicrafts etc.


  • Environment Protection
  • Agricultural Technology
  • Child Home
  • Old Home
  • Relief and rehabilitation
  • Awareness and capacity building.
  • Micro-credit
  • Health & Development
  • Income generation program
  • Voter education and civic awareness
Seed Bangla Foundation (SBF) believes in process oriented development approach rather than that of task oriented for making the program people oriented which leads towards sustainability. During program implementation SBF stresses a non-directive, bottom up and people's participatory development approach and working strategy are adopted for making the program socially accepted and people oriented.

Head office being at Badda, Dhaka, it's current working area are all the upojila of Kishorgonj, Sherpur and Mymensingh district.