Seed Bangla Limited

SEED stands for ‘Sustainable Energy and Environmental Development’. Since its’ establishment in 2003 Seed Bangla Limited is working in the field of alternative energy and fuel system. It is clear that the biomass range of products is evolving at an exponential rate with technological development especially in the industrial heat and power market. These continuous development has meant the scope and range of products has increased to allow the use of including not only agricultural residues but also waste like cow dung, poultry litter, human waste etc. Beside construction of Biogas plants it Seed Bangla Limited also focuses on solar power, waste management, CBG (converted fuel system to biogas) generator etc.

Today Seed Bangla is truly diversified and offers a “one stop center” for delivering all type of alternative energy products to the ever expanding market. So far it has credited itself with 1200 home based and commercial biogas plant constructions, 450 home based solar PV systems. Largest plant we constructed in Paragon 500m³ and 1400m³ generating approximately 600kW of electricity, in Phenix 1400m³ generating 400kW of electricity and Kazi Farms Group 10 units of 350m³ for generating 1500kW of electricity. These are also claims to be the largest biogas plant in the country.

All our projects are technically supported by GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), and in some cases financially supported by IDCOL (Infrastructure Development Company Limited), IFC (International Financing Corporation), SNB and KFW.