SEED BANGLA LTD, under its environment protection mandate, focuses on Alternative and Renewable Energy projects like Rooftop Solar Power, Solar Home Systems and Improved Cook Stove (ECO Chula) etc.. The company is truly diversified and offers a One Stop Center for delivering all types of alternative energy products and projects to the ever-expanding market. The company now extends its' expertise delivering complete EPC service for all sorts of industrial development.

Why Rooftop Solar

  • Project Benefits: Utilization of unused space e.g.110Sqft. /kWp.
  • Key Project Benefits: Competitive Project cost e.g. approx. Tk 75-90/Wp.
  • Financial Benefits:Cheaper electricity than that of the national grid.
  • Sustainable Features:Reduces Carbon Footprint.
  • One Window Support From SBL: Quality Assurance through technical compliance monitoring. Technical due diligence of suppliers technical proposal. Feasibility Study.
  • Minimum Eligibility Criteria: Available vacant space of the roof or Premises (ground) of any building/industry.
  • Prospective Industrial Sectors: RMG, Glass, Paper & Particle Board Poultry, Agro Processing, Textile, Pharmaceuticals, Sanitary & Ceramics etc.

SEED BANGLA is technically and in many cases financially supported by IDCOL (Infrastructure Development Company Limited), Bangladesh Infrastructure Fund Finance Limited (BIFFL) offering long term, low cost, up to 80% Finance of Project cost.

Solar Products

  • Industrial Rooftop Solar Power
  • Small scale household solutions
  • Medium scale installation for apartment buildings
  • Integrated Street Lighting System
  • Garden Lighting System
  • Indoor Lighting System
  • Solar Water Pump and Irrigation System