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About SEED Bangla

SEED stands for ‘Sustainable Energy and Environmental Development’. Established in 2006 as non-profit organization Seed Bangla Foundation worked for the underprivileged portion of the society assisting them towards achieving social, financial and environmental emancipation. Under its’ environment protection mandate it focused on waste management and constructed numerous number of biogas plants and utilized poultry, cattle, kitchen and green waste as input to produce gas for cooking and electricity generation. Later a commercial wing was established as Seed Bangla and Seed Bangla in 2010 to facilitate working with financial institutions.

Since its’ inception the organization focused on the field of alternative energy and fuel system. It is clear that the biomass range of products is evolving at an exponential rate with technological development especially in the industrial heat and power market. These continuous developments has meant the scope and range of products has increased to allow the use of including not only agricultural residues but also waste like cow dung, poultry litter, human waste etc. Beside construction of Biogas plants Seed Bangla also focuses on solar power.

Seed Bangla is technically supported by GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), and many cases financially supported by IDCOL (Infrastructure Development Company Limited), IFC (International Financing Corporation), SNB and KFW.

Today Seed Bangla is truly diversified and offers a “one stop center” for delivering all type of alternative energy products to the ever expanding market. So far it has credited itself with nearly 1500 home based and commercial biogas plant constructions, 450 home based solar PV systems. Largest single plant it constructed in Paragon is 500m³ gas production capacity per day. Some key projects among recently finished one’s are 1400m3 (2000Kwh) Kazi Farms Group at Nandigram, 700m3 (1000Kwh) Kazi Farms Group at Gongachora, 700m3 (1000Kwh) Kazi Farms Group at Joldhaka, 1750m3 (2500Kwh) Phenix Agro Ltd. Project-1, Gazipur, 1000m3 (1428Kwh) Aqua Breeders Ltd. (Paragon Group).

We Work Through Every Aspect At The Planning

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Our Mission

Seed Bangla holds the credit to be the most successful in promoting biogas based green energy service in Bangladesh. As our tagline suggests ‘Go Green Live Green’, all our solutions are green supported to ensure preservation of environmental values. Our mission is to provide the best technology solution to various environmental problems including waste management and ETP to commercial and industrial bodies. 

Our Vision

Seed Bangla envisions a green, clean, breathable habitat where sustainable environment will coexist with state-of-the-art technology.


  • To promote Renewable of energy program/project (such as Biogas) for maintaining up local & rural people’s consumption as fuel. 
  • To promote & motivate to the rural people to establish Biogas plant or like these to avoid smoke creating fuel like Straw, wood, Branches , jute stick and cool.
  • To setup biogas plant which can be used directly for cooking and for co-generation of electricity and heat, which is especially feasible when the biogas is used at or near the site of generation?
  • To promote biogas plant in commercial poultry, dairy farms as effective solution for waste management.
  • To introduce new green technology in the sector of alternative energy.
  • To setup or pursuing to setup Agro/Agro processing industries in rural Area
  • To undertake and motivate reuse of Biogas making raw materials as natural and organic fertilizer which make fertile soil.
  • To setup improve cook stove which remove creating smoke and save the environment.
  • To Develop Tree Plantation idea & operate tree plantation program for making or creating artificial forest so that we may get proper oxygen. 
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